The Independent Artist Network for the Music Arts Awards 2018 Online Event In 1958, a group of record executives, alarmed by the explosive success of rock ‘n’ roll – and the threat rock posed to “quality” pop – launched the Grammy Awards. Their aim: to nurture a higher standard of popular taste.

In 2013, GiGhive Independents Artists, alarmed by the explosive success and transition of mainstream entertainment to many online media portals; once havens of the “indie movement” and early adapters – launched the IANMA Awards. Its aim: to honor excellence in all areas of the Music Arts and to cultivate a higher standard, purpose, and awareness of the independent music brand.


GiGhive Independent Artists presents
The 2nd IAN Music Arts Awards

GiGhive proudly presents its 2nd annual Independent Artist Network for the Music Arts (IANMA) Awards. The IANMA Awards is unique in that while it honors excellence in all areas of the Music Arts, its primary focus is highlighting and stressing the importance of the music artist brand and the Music Categories that establish the foundation for the Arts.


Independent Artist brands are the doorways into the music soul

  • Sixty Nominees TBA through, October 12, 2018
    12 Award Winners TBA on Sunday December 7, 2018

    Independent Music Award IANMA
  • Top Artist Achievements

    ianmaBest Music Video

    ianmaBest Song

    ianmaMost Influential Artist Brand

    ianmaTop Overall Music Brand

    Top Artist Honors

    ianmaIndependent Artist of the Year

    ianmaSinger Songwriter of the Year

    ianmaIndependent Band/Group/Dup of the Year

    Artist Achievements

    ianmaBest Musical Performance

    ianmaBest Music Photographs

    ianmaBest Website Design

    ianmaBest Artist Biography

    ianmaBest Original Songwriting

    Best of Independent Music Arts Categories

    Category Will Be Added to Third Annual 2019 Awards Event

    Music Producer
    Music Photographer
    Music Composer
    Music Teacher
    Music Engineer
    Music Blogger
    Indie Designer

    • Three Major Categories
    • Twelve Individual Award Honors
    • 5 Nominees Per Award
    • Sixty Nominees TBA, October 12, 2018
    • Artist Achievements Cash Prize - $500.00 per winner
    • Top Artist Honors Cash Prize - $1500.00 per winner
    • Top Artist Achievements Cash Prize - $2000.00 per winner
    • All Winners will be awarded The Microphone iA (Designed & Cast by R.S Owens)
    • $16,000.00 in cash awards
    • Primary Sponsorship brought to you by the 616 Live Music Venue
    • Additional Category Sponsorships TBA

    IANMA logoListed artist brands are automatically entered. Must be a listed artist to be eligible.
    Submit artist website for consideration here